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The flag is raised for the DKK 1.5 billion factory – when it goes into operation, it can handle all of Denmark’s plastic waste

French finance giant has made its first Danish investment in Esbjerg

Full speed towards Denmark’s largest sorting plant for plastic waste

Danish sorting facility enters into agreement on Norwegian plastic waste

The timetable for Denmark’s largest plastic sorting facility is not progressing: ‘We will open next year’

Lars will be in charge of a factory worth 1.5 billion kroner

Danish companies buy plastic waste worth billions: Here at home, it is incinirated

Plastic feedstock agreement signed between Resource Denmark and Finnish service company Lassila & Tikanoja (L&T) (PDF)

Groundbreaking ceremony in Esbjerg for Resource

EPC chosen for gigantic plastic sorting plant in Esbjerg

Quantafuel in new cooperation for a plant in Denmark

Main contractor chosen for plast sorting plant in Esbjerg


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